Risky Business

The element of risk is a part of any business but there are certain questions that need to be asked in regards to this risk and if it is actually worth it. The real estate business, just like every other business is focused on creating a positive cash flow. What it actually entails varies from investor to investor, depending on the type of investing that they wish to do. Finding out as much information as possible is first and foremost the most important step to take prior to making any investment, whether it is real estate related or any other business investment for that matter.

Building a foundation is essential for any business. Formulating a strategy and conducting research are element of this foundation. The risks such as time, money, and effort invested and the rewards which include greater sales need to be factored in.

Developing a risk management plan and incorporating a good insurance policy in order to protect your investments is a must for any investor. Studies have shown that rental real estate investors are the most sued more than any other entity. They are frequently targeted by those who suffer a personal injury or have had fallen victim to property damage. This includes not only renters but also individuals in related management companies, maintenance and repair workers, construction workers, among others. For this reason keeping, and also make sure that those work for them provide coverage for any and all of their activities while they are working with you or for you. It would be careless as a business owner not to do so.

Planning ahead by putting all of these elements in order ahead of time is the easiest way to minimize risks. By taking these preventive actions, you will not only minimize potential risks, but also manage and control them. A regular inspection of the property is absolutely necessary, whether it is done by your or another individual on your behalf. These inspections should include constant monitoring and maintenance. Corrections of any existing deficiencies and problems should also be included. By taking the time to enforce these necessary precautions, you can avoid potentially being named in a lawsuit.

Landlords should also take the time to listen to their tenants. Any complaints should be acknowledged and issues regarding the property should be addressed. Responding to tenant feedback is a good way to establish a good line of communication and keep tenants satisfied and happy. Being negligent to tenants’ needs will most likely work against you if there is ever a claim filed against you. The legal system tends to work in the defense of the tenants if a claim or lawsuit is filed alleging that there is any evidence of landlord negligence.

Knowing who you are dealing with is probably one of the most important aspects of minimizing risk. There are people out there in the business world that pride themselves on being ethical and moral. On the other hand, there are also shady characters among them and these are the ones to watch out for.

In addition to knowing who you are getting involved with, you also have to do your homework as to what the property has attached to its physical location. You should be well aware of any existing taxes, liens, or loan on the home or property prior to signing any agreement because you will ultimately be the one taking over any necessary payments as the new owner. It is also a wise idea to have a back up plan if the deal does not go through.

So once you have your plan in place and have done the necessary research, you have to know what you need to get started. First and foremost you need investment capital. This is money that is available to be used to make a profit without going into debt during the whole process. Knowing the facts such as current market trends occurring in the current real estate market both on a national level and also in your particular target area will also help in making a better decision. HULT PRIVATE

Once you have located a property of interest it is time to make the offer. Having good negotiating skills is always a plus. Whether is for negotiating purposes or for reasons of management, having a good way with people is always more productive and offers more successful results in the world of real estate investing.

Having good people skills is also effective when dealing with management companies that you put in place. Putting a good management company and a team of workers in place is a good idea if you do not have the time to manage the property yourself. This is also true for a maintenance and repair team. Enlisting the services of a skilled maintenance and repair team if you cannot do the work yourself is also a good idea.

Having all of these elements in place is also a good way to minimize the risks that may be associated with regular management practices and maintenance work that needs to be done. One thing to remember though, is that any and all individuals need to be both credible, licensed where applicable, and also able to successfully provide insurance for their activities while under contract with you.

As with any deal in real estate, there are definitely potential risk factors involved. Whether you decide to buy, fix or flip, and sell the property or you choose to take keep it as a rental, both option come with their own set of risks. For sellers, there is the potential risk that the property may not may not sell as quickly as they had originally thought it would or it may not sell at all. Having a buyers list is one way this particular risk can be minimized if not avoided all together. As for the landlord, there are risks involved regarding finding the right tenants, the possibility that renters many break their lease or not pay their rent, and also the potential for injuries, damages, and vandalism to the home or property. The key is to put a risk management plan in place and make sure that it is properly enforced.


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