Love Stoppers – Romance Addiction

Love stoppers are limiting beliefs that keep you from finding and keeping love. They are the viruses that infect your mind, making all of your positive affirmations ineffective until you get serious and make the decision to get rid of them.

Romance Addiction is the Love Stopper of the day. What are some of the signs of a romance addict? Take a look at the following questions to see if you might be addicted to romance:


  1. Do you fall in love very quickly?
  2. Do you enter into a relationship just as quickly, like after the first date or two?
  3. Do you enjoy the “high” of being in love?
  4. Do you believe that when you no longer feel the “high” that you are no longer in love?
  5. Once you have settled into a routine with your partner, do you lose interest and break off the relationship or have an affair?
  6. Do you find it hard to be without a relationship, even picking inappropriate partners just so you will not be alone?
  7. Do your partners have little in common with you, except maybe some good chemistry?
  8. Does your mood swing from ecstatically happy when things are good to desperately depressed when things are bad in your relationship?
  9. Do you believe that if you could only find the right one for you that life would be just perfect?
  10. Do you fantasize about the one that got away, the one who does not return your affections, or the one who is not available for a relationship?


Why is romance addiction a love stopper?

If you are in love with being in love, it is hard for you to find deeper, truer love that develops when two people have a history together. The history is not all hearts and flowers; it includes good and bad times that the couple has experienced together. This couple understands that real love goes through ups and downs. True love is deeper than just the way they feel at the moment.

In contrast, a person who is addicted to romance equates the feelings of love with different sex positions being in love. When the feeling is not there, the romance addict says, “I love you; I’m just not in love with you.”

If you are in love with a romance addict, you might want to consider whether this is a good thing for you. You may be experiencing some turbulence in your relationship. Romance addicts can have some pretty severe mood swings. When things are going well the romance addict is on top of the world, but as soon as there are even hints of conflict, the romance addict may be ready to bail on you.

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