Denim For Every Type of Woman

Jeans are the rage these days and thank heaven for that! You can wear them with a casual T, or dress them up for a night out.  Jeans are a type of practical clothing that you can get a lot of miles out!

But…Not every jean is right for every woman.

How’s a woman to know though. Body typing is the most popular fashion assessment tool out there, but one with many flaws. There is so much to a pair of jeans these days. Here are 4 important features to consider about your denim:

Design Lines – the shape of the cut, pockets and waistline

Fabrication – the weight and fall of the denim.

Texture – the weave of the denim.

Color – the appearance of the denim, is it white washed, grayed, dirty or saturated?

With the help of 4 fictional friends, Sally, Anne, Mindy, and Nancy, let’s learn about 4 types of women and what kind of denim would be perfect for their unique type.

Sally is lighthearted and naturally cheerful. She lights up the room when she comes in. Sally would look and feel her best in a denim that is lightweight, whitewashed, crisp, with animation on the pockets or hardware. The length of the plus size denim dress should hit right at her shoe. Sally’s nature is to be upbeat and having too long a pant length pulls her energy down!

Anne is calming and relaxed, a woman that cares a lot about planning ahead and taking care of details. In fact this comes naturally to her. Anne would look her best in a denim that is relaxed, soft, and comfortable with a grayed wash as the undertone. Her jean length looks great when it floats over the top of her shoe. Subtle to no embellishments and silver or gray top-stitching honors Anne’s natural beauty.

Mindy is dynamic and determined, a get it done kind of gal. She hits a project full force looking forward to checking it off her to do list! Mindy would look her best in a denim that has a more substantial weave with a heavier grainy texture that has a dirty wash to it. Edgy pockets lines and boot cut are great on Mindy.

Nancy is a sophisticated woman that holds a stunning beauty. She moves through her world with exactness and order. Nancy would look best in a denim that is structured, sleek and saturated. No faded, washed out denims for Nancy. It is just not her nature to settle for anything less than the best. Denims in bold pure colors would also honor Nancy’s exact nature. Skinny jeans are a great look and design lines that are clean and simple are the best for her.

Who knew there was such a vast world of denim. Knowing your true nature and what type of woman you are gives you the advantage to pick a top “10” pair of jeans every time. Denim is for every woman, but not every denim is right for every woman. Know your denim and change your life! Who knew a pair of jeans could be that powerful!

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